Wednesday, November 29, 2006

china train journey

if you sum up all our train rides, we spent a total of 79 hours - that's 3 days and 3 hours of sleeping, eating, reading, playing cards, and just hanging out.

i didn't expect the trains to be so comfortable - toilets were most of the time clean, ordering food(by pointing at other people's food) and finding out we liked what we ordered at the dining cars was fun, and most of all I loved the bunk beds. it's just like staying in a hostel - soft sleepers are in a closed compartment and even if we had to stay in hard sleepers, we can always use the trusty malong* as an improvised door.

*malong is a woven multi-colored cloth from mindanao that can be used as a blanket, dressing room, hammock, etc.


Anonymous said...

wow La, ang ganda naman ng train nyo!

ski said...

grabee saya :)
kainggit sobra!!
more pics and more
kuento please!!

lala said...

oo chel ganda ang trains nila. masarap ikutin ang buong china via train

hi anetski! next time sama ka na, malaki naman ang china - meron pang tibet, mongolia, haerbin etc

ski said...

yehey so kelan na yun?! ano na plans nyo for chinese new year?!

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