Wednesday, November 29, 2006

china train journey

if you sum up all our train rides, we spent a total of 79 hours - that's 3 days and 3 hours of sleeping, eating, reading, playing cards, and just hanging out.

i didn't expect the trains to be so comfortable - toilets were most of the time clean, ordering food(by pointing at other people's food) and finding out we liked what we ordered at the dining cars was fun, and most of all I loved the bunk beds. it's just like staying in a hostel - soft sleepers are in a closed compartment and even if we had to stay in hard sleepers, we can always use the trusty malong* as an improvised door.

*malong is a woven multi-colored cloth from mindanao that can be used as a blanket, dressing room, hammock, etc.

Monday, November 27, 2006

once upon a time in china

my trip to china would not have been as fun and as special without these 4 clowns around. we spent 2 weeks exploring only a chunk of this huge and proud country, and we all went home satisfied and yet wanting to see more.

our first night in beijing where we almost froze our ass off. lamig! (Raycee, Cath, Sym and Jao)

this is a map of the cities we have visited:

1. we started the trip exploring macau
trip's high and low: yummy egg tarts! our roommate's nasty smelly feet :(

3. shanghai
trip's high and low: strolling along the beautiful bund. the cheesy bund sightseeing tunnel(aka the great space coaster)

3a. xitang
trip's high and low: sipping hot pijou* in a warm bar on a cold night. the pijou tastes like soy sauce (*pijou is mandarin for beer)

4. xi'an
trip's high and low: biking on top of the city wall and eating ice cream after. jao losing her camera in one of the toilets in the terracotta army museum.

5. beijing
trip's high and low: climbing the great wall from jinshanling to simatai. raycee and I on our own(jao, sym and cath had to go back to work)

2. hong kong
trip's high and low: view of the harbour and city at night. our tiny but pricey room with the sleazy transparent bathroom.

more pictures and stories later :)

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