Tuesday, October 31, 2006

shanghai/beijing train reservation

Yehey! We now have train reservation from hong kong to shanghai(Train No. K100) and back (Train No. T97 beijing to hong kong).

Because our trip starts in hong kong, it is possible to book tickets by email at www.kcrc.com and later present our confirmation to collect the tickets at the intercity passenger center in hung hom station(hong kong). They don't accept any other booking though like shanghai-xi'an and xi'an-beijing. We probably need to buy them at the shanghai train station.

Lower hard sleepers were already sold out yesterday so we opted to take the soft sleepers. Perhaps a bit more expensive - $530 versus $825, but i'm sure we will be much more comfortable. And besides, they have an ongoing promo so we got the soft berth for $743 for hk to shanghai ($82 discount) and $841 for beijing to hk ($93 discount).

I hope and pray that the toilets in the soft sleepers section are clean.

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