Thursday, October 05, 2006

Bugis Street

One of my biggest frustrations is not having enough guts to ask strangers if I can photograph them. I think its just too awkward - me holding my big camera while a stranger shouts in a foreign language and waves me away.

So when I learned that a National Geographic photojournalist will be conducting a workshop here, I had to sign up. According to his bio, "During nearly three decades working and living overseas, Ian Lloyd as has eaten duck's blood soup with Vietnamese hill tribes, survived a balloon crash in Thailand, been chased by wild elephants in Sumatra and nearly drowned in mud on the banks of Burma's Irrawaddy River. He's also taken some pretty good photographs." Cool!

The workshop only lasted a day but he managed to cover quite a big topic(some maybe a bit too technical for me) and at the end of the day, we had an hour-long field trip at Bugis Street. Well, what can I say, he was very good with people - talking to them first and when they are comfortable, only then will he take his shots. Imagine him doing this while 15 of us look on, doesnt sound that easy right? One man declined when Ian asked if he can take a shot, and it wasnt that bad. He said "thank you" and moved on.

He also taught us panning techniques, using an unusual vantage point(high, low) and shooting blindly. The group shot on the lower left was taken by Ian :)


aby said...

wow, ang swerte! :D gaganda ng mga kuha mo ha! actually, ilang din ako magpicture ng mga tao sa kalsada e. usually mas receptive sila kung mukha kang turista o taga-press. :D

lala said...

ows ikaw shy din?? :)

pwede rin kunyari estudyante. dati sinubukan ko mag picture-picture sa palengke, sabi ko para sa school. may mga pumayag naman.

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