Thursday, August 31, 2006

Oh, the places you'll go!

In my ongoing effort to save some cash (I'm barely able to maintain the minimum amount of my newly opened savings account), I've decided not to buy books anymore. That's right. Books are expensive. One book is worth one week's lunch allowance. So yesterday during lunchtime, I dragged myself to the Regional Library to get a membership to the National Library. After I flashed my passport and employment pass and my 21 dollars, I got my Borrower's ID in less than 5 minutes. So fast lah! Once I got the card, I went straight to the Travel section and picked up some China and Malaysia travel guide books - my next destination in the coming months I hope, hope, hope. Checking out the books is fast and automated - just insert your card, place the books on top of a scanner and voila! The computer will give you a Loan Receipt listing the books you borrowed plus the due date. Returning the books is easier with the 24-hour bookdrops in all libraries. Haay, I love Singapore!

1 comment:

jao said...

oist, salamat sa walking tours :) next time ikaw na pupunta sa 'kin ha.. haha feeling may next time talaga.. ingat jan!

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