Thursday, August 31, 2006

Oh, the places you'll go!

In my ongoing effort to save some cash (I'm barely able to maintain the minimum amount of my newly opened savings account), I've decided not to buy books anymore. That's right. Books are expensive. One book is worth one week's lunch allowance. So yesterday during lunchtime, I dragged myself to the Regional Library to get a membership to the National Library. After I flashed my passport and employment pass and my 21 dollars, I got my Borrower's ID in less than 5 minutes. So fast lah! Once I got the card, I went straight to the Travel section and picked up some China and Malaysia travel guide books - my next destination in the coming months I hope, hope, hope. Checking out the books is fast and automated - just insert your card, place the books on top of a scanner and voila! The computer will give you a Loan Receipt listing the books you borrowed plus the due date. Returning the books is easier with the 24-hour bookdrops in all libraries. Haay, I love Singapore!

Friday, August 18, 2006

To give you an idea how shitty my work is and how I have to deal with all things shitty, read the thread below - the first thing I found in my inbox yesterday morning:

As i highlighted earlier, this is not acceptable that you come to office only after 10:30AM. The latest you need to be in office by 9:30AM everyday, if you delay any further i would have to report this to A--- and re-look at the contract. Please consider this email very serious. There will be no more warning, before i report this to A--- on the next occurence.

Everyday going forward drop me a mail once you are in office.


My reply:


I have been coming home very late at night for weeks now. Those late nights have taken their toll on me. If I get home by 7pm every night then it's easier to come on time every morning. And its not as if I don't complete my 9 hours work everyday. I don't think it's fair that we come home late every night and we don't complain but if I arrive late in the morning I get all these reprimands without consideration.


The boss' reply:

As discussed let us work together to see how we can leave early and avoid too many late nights. We have another resource now, so it should get better. Also work out with your teammate C---, so that any one can leave early and the other can come late in the morning if you are staying back.

Please note you and C--- are holding key roles for our projects. And your efforts are getting appreciated.



Regards my ass. The boss gave me a call and explained his side with this slow, corny, soothing voice and I'm just glad I stick it to him. The boss is a bully and I hate bullies.

Now its friday afternoon, and I'm lying on my bed watching tv while munching m&ms - the boss let me use my compensatory off leave today in lieu of my working during weekends. Happy weekend to all!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Birthday boy

Ilan sa mga pictures sa asalto ng birthday ni Nathan. Na empty battery agad ako kaya di ko na nakuhanan ang pagblow nya ng candles at pagbukas ng regalo(sayang, na shock pa naman sya sa regalo namin).

Friday, August 04, 2006

And I'm back in the the game!

The bad news
1) My work still sucks. If anything, it has gotten worse. For some weeks now, I've been staying in the office until/past midnight. Tonight is a good example. The boss said we need to stay until 1 or 2am. (damn you boss) And I'm here in my desk yawning like a madman, listening to a conference call that has been going on for hours, and I am still clueless why my fix wouldn't work.

2) I recently found out I have cone-shaped corneas. The doctors call it "keratoconus". It's not life-threatening or anything but still I cried when I learned about it. You see I was all set to undergo a LASIK surgery to correct my near-sightedness. I have planned it for months, and the day of the operation itself, one of the tests said I have this eye problem therefore I am not eligible for LASIK. Apparently, it is dangerous for me to have any kind of laser vision correction surgery as it may further weaken my already weak corneas. I have asked other doctors for their opinion but sadly the findings are all the same. I am doomed to wear contact lens for all time.

The good news
1) I turned 29 last month. Yey! N cooked for my birthday, and bought me cake and an mp3 player. I felt so loved. And I had a nice dinner with friends. And was able to talk to my family and friends back home.

2) I moved to a new condo. And I love it. Everywhere is so near lah! The marketplace, the church, the hawkers, the boyfriend's flat, the dragonboat training site.

3) I have started training again with SPC(Singapore Paddle Club). I was also able to use my 10-month old paddle for the first time. Yeah!

4) I finally opened my first ever savings account! I even have a cool passbook and an atm to prove it. I hope this is my first step to becoming rich and maybe after a year or two I can quit this damn job.

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