Friday, July 14, 2006

Stalker strikes again

It's 11 o'clock on a Friday morning and I'm running late for work. I'm sprinting the stairs two-at-a-time, when a familiar face greets me. Uh oh.

"Hi La La!" Stalker guy waves at me.

"Hello," I greeted back. I am panicking but I'm trying not to show it. How can this happen to me?

I walk as fast as I can and stay near a group of Aunties. I dial Jao's number and pray she answers my call. It is ringing! Thank you cell phone providers! The train arrives and I stay with the Aunties.

"Hi Jao! Look, I just need to talk to someone for 15 minutes. I don't want anyone talking to me while I'm on the train," I plead.

"Why? Is someone horrible trying to talk to you?" she asks.

I haven't mentioned to her my previous encounter with Stalker guy so now I tell her everything. While I'm on the phone with her, I hear another call coming in. Uh oh again. Stalker guy is trying to call me. Why god?? I ignore the call and continue talking to Jao. By the time I finish, the girl is laughing at me.

"Why did you give your number to him?" she asks incredulously.

"I don't know why. I just wanted to get rid of him the last time and giving him my number was my easy way out," I reply sadly. Of course I got the opposite of what I had in mind.

Stalker guy has been texting ang calling for some days now but I just ignored him. I have already told him to leave me alone and delete my number but he just won't quit. I am getting quite scared now.

Somehow our line got broken, and when I try to call Jao again, she's not answering anymore. So I try calling my officemate Cha. She stayed with me for 5 minutes until I finally reached the office.

Call me paranoid but those calls made me feel safe.

When I reach the office, my phone vibrates. I'm fearing it is Stalker guy but thankfully it's just Jao.

"Hi Jao! I'm in the office now," I say in a very relieved voice.

"What happened to our call? I thought someone has put a sack over your head and kidnapped you," she says jokingly.

"I tried to call you again but you wouldn't answer. Thanks a lot pal! Anyway, I just called an officemate until I reach the office," I say. And then I noticed my zipper was open. Gawd! Maybe this is why I have a stalker, maybe stalkers are attracted to exhibitionists.

I want to talk to her more but work has piled up already, so we say goodbye. I soon forget about Stalker guy but when I get to breath a little from work, I start to worry. I hate that this has to happen to me, but I got myself into this mess, I should tangle myself out of it.


Tiongks said...

"And then I noticed my zipper was open."

harharhar! Sorry, but that part was really funny. ;P

The rest was scary.

Just thinking out aloud, maybe one reason why he keeps on bugging you is that he always see you all by yourself. Why not try to actually have another encounter but this time make sure another guy (must be a guy) is with you. Ask Neil or Mikko or Joey.... And if he calls you again, why not let your guy talk to stalker guy.

jao said...

oo nga. yan din ang suggestion ni buddy. sana lagi ka nang may kasabay. and get your eyes fixed na kasi! para malayo pa lang makita mo na ang mga dangers at makaiwas agad kung meron pang susunod. pero shempre sana wala. ingat ha. aim for the eyes.

knottydon said...

ayaw kang tantanan ng stalker mo ha...

natawa rin ako sa may zipper portion...

another suggestion, pag nakita mo na sya ulit eh, i-redirect mo yun call nya kahit sinong pontio pilato dyan. kundi ba tumigil yun kumag na yun eh. or ibigay mo kay Candy, murahin nya to the max yan! as in super lutong na mura ;oP

augster said...

eh kaya naman pala e...bukas pala kasi zipper mo. hehehe. baka naman gusto lang nyang sabihin na bukas ang zipper mo. concerned lang yung tao. hehehe.

tama si tiongks, pag tumawag ulit, si neil ang pakausap mo. ewan ko lang kung di masindak kay neil yon. hehe.

o ingats lagi... muah!

itsme_apaul said...

hi lala ganda mo tlga!!! isama mo si neil !!! laki laki ni neil kung di yan tadjakan ni neil,kamao plang ni neil K.O n yan hehhe. ingat parati please, dala k ng pepper spray, or anything.... And most of all check ang zipper pagumaalis ng bhay hehheh!!!

lala said...

hehe salamat sa mga payo nyo mga repapips. mwa!

aby said...

yikes! di rin sya makulit ano??

maganda mga suggestions nila. sige, gawin mo un. hehe. deadmahin mo na rin sya next time (if you're alone).pero mas safe nga kung lagi kang may kasama.

take care! :D

lala said...

hi aby! di na kami nagkikita ni stalker, iba na kase ang mrt station ko ngayon. bagamat minsan hinahanap-hanap ko sya. hehe joke

kelan ang school break mo? bakasyon ka naman dito. daming photo ops :)

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