Thursday, June 08, 2006

wanted: roommate/s

im moving. next month. im not really sure where. current contract will expire next month and i cannot possibly renew it on my own. thats right, ill be on my own. from living in a very comfortable and huge and homey 4-bedroom condo unit with friends, i am now forced to go solo. my roommates have decided to leave this ultra-modern and organized country. why you ask? because our job sucks. c-- is a crappy company and we're surrounded by really foul people and we're really just here for the money. if i was born rich and neil is not here, hell i'll leave too. but since im poor and n is here, i'll finish my 2-year contract with c--. anyway, one year down, one year to go baby. (so jao if you're reading this, im not a complete and total sellout. im also here for love hahaha)

did i already say im poor? i'll repeat, im poor. that means i cannot possibly get my own unit, what i need is to share a unit with other people. maybe share a unit with other people whom i don't really know. im scared. what if i dont get along with those people? what if they dont wash their dishes right away after eating or what if they hog the washing machine all weekend or what if they won't let me park my bike in the living room??? im telling all these fears a month ago to n and he suggested that i should calm down and ask friends first, maybe they have a vacant room i can rent. and that's what i did. a few weeks ago i sent an email to my friends and what did i get? nothing. one or two of them referred me to a room but those rooms did not pass my requirements. yes, of course i have requirements. what do you take me for? desperate? next month i'll be desperate. but this month i can still be picky. this is more or less what was in my email:

1. room should be spacious
2. unit should be in east coast area
3. condo should have an olympic size swimming pool
4. and since i sent it pinoy friends, that means i want pinoy roommates also.

a week ago i decided to drop requirement #2, as i still have zero options after that email. and you know what? i found one finally! ill be viewing the unit this saturday and i hope i will like it. n keeps on telling me i should keep my options open since this one is not really practical because a) the rent is almost twice as what im paying now, b) i will be farther away from the office and c) i dont really know the people i'll be living with. but im really not known to be a practical person and the first time i saw this condo(a year ago), i fell in love with it. so i defend it with the arguments that a) rents have really gone up this year and b) anywhere in singapore is not that far if you really think about it and c) i gave my future rommmate a call and he said i can park my bike in the living room so im sure he's a good person. i showed the condo pictures to beng, and she liked it right away so now im very very excited and wish it was saturday already.


jao said...

Poor? May Fire Mountain with disc brakes, a high end Canon EOS 30D SLR with accessories, a cool Acer Laptop, a guitar and a money plant among other things, tapos poor?!

yep. you're not just a total sellout. mejo far sighted ka rin when it comes to blessings. tsk tsk... tama. umuwi ka na't magpa laser.

may pingot ka pagdating mo.

lala said...

ive been working my ass off for more than 9 years now, non-stop. i deserve all those things and more.

at mahirap pa rin kami kahit ayaw mo maniwala. i cant even get married because im supporting my family back home. (not that im complaining and not that i have plans)

and i am thankful for the shower of blessings ive been getting. but my work still sucks. masarap pag-usapan to habang umiinom ng beer at kumakain ng hotdog on a stick sa bora, pero di ka nman pwede. tse.

jao said...

tsk tsk tsk pa rin... :P

knottydon said...

as in, hiwalay-hiwalay na lahat kayo dyan? pati si bengers? alam ko yun isa eh babalik sa Pinas. di ko alam na iba-iba na plano nyo...

anyhoo, excited na ko sa pagbalik nyo rito next week! unforch, i cannot go to Bora with you, guys. dami ng work.

miss ko na kayo!

lala said...

oy donish!
oo si beng ay di na rin magtatagal dito sa gapor. tanungin mo sya pag dating namin dyan kung saan ang destinasyon nya.

oo nga e excited na rin kami makauwi. si beng nga last weekend pa nakaimpake hehe.

di ka rin pwede sa bora :(

di bale tambay kami dyan sa enterworks. haay miss na miss ko na ang enterworks at ang mga tao dyan. at ang libreng iced tea. at syempre ikaw. mwa!

knottydon said...

ewan ko ba... bigla akong na-depress...

excited na kong makita kayo ulit!!!

augster said...

ay nako, lala, kung nasa pinas lang ako, sasama ako sa bora sa inyo. pramis! alam nyo naman ako, adik sa bora. tapos magpapalibre ako ulit sa yo ng spicy hotdog on a stick tsaka inihaw na dried pusit with suka. hehehe.
miss you guys. mhuah.

lala said...

hey donish. baket ka kaya na depress? bakit kaya? hmm... pagdating namin kwento :)

augs, oo nga sayang wala ka sa pinas. kaladkarin ka pa naman. hehe ang saya nung bora dati natin nina beng. nanalo pa yung picture nyo sa sm wacky couple pics. bwahahha

miss you guys din :)

walaLang said...

ano ba yan, huli na summer outing nyo.

nakaka-tatlo na yata si donnish. :-)

lala said...

wala lang, identify yourself.

wala naman kaseng maayos na beach dito. kaya huli na ang summer outing. pero bora pa rin. yihaa!

walalang said...

meron... tawid nga lang kayo papuntang indonesia (via ferry).

pero tama ka, iba talaga bora. saya-saya. :-D

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