Monday, June 12, 2006

my work sucks. big time. 11:30pm on a monday night and im still here in the office. sucks. im so sleepy. and my breath smells like onion. i just ate cheese fries which was full of onion stalks. my boss delivered it to my desk an hour ago. my former boss that is. she asked me to help out her team tonight since theyre doing some technical cutover-whatever. very big deal. for them. my phone rings once in a while and they would ask me to check logs, talk to some people, very boring stuff i tell you.

in other news, today is the 108th anniversary of the philippine's independence day. i dont know if anything has really changed - we're still fighting poverty, injustice and corruption and all that crap. but still, i wish i was home tonight.

room hunting blues: part 1

so n, beng and i went to see the condo yesterday. the first thing i noticed was there were no covered walkways. at all. and it was raining, that's why we took a cab going there. so we walked as fast as we could, getting a bit soaked and strenuously looking for the block number of the condo unit. it was kinda depressing, us - walking in the rain, big pool, no people around. anyway, we found the unit and beng commented they got a very nice and modern-looking door. i have to agree with her. the door opened, and this big, jolly guy greeted us - and then he and n began talking like they were best friends or something. turned out they worked on the same company before. small world, lah. so i thought this was a good sign. he showed us the unit then - it was very white, and spacious and orderly and clean. ridiculuosly clean. next he showed us my room. it was spacious alright. and has a queen-sized bed and a built-in cabinet. but it has this small window. which made the room look kinda dark and sad. and that was all i could think of afterwards. he showed us the kitchen, the laundry room, the common bathroom. all clean and white. and lastly, he showed us the bomb-shelter room. it's a pretty big room where they put all their boxes and luggages and he said i can store my bike there. coolness! the room even had a phone inside in case you get stuck inside when a bomb falls off. which made us think of the panic room movie. so this big guy and n chatted a little more and then i told him i'll think about the room first. he also advised us to walk in the basement on our way out, in case we don't have umbrellas. so that solves the covered walkway dilemma.

while on the cab on our way home, i had a survey on the unit. beng says she likes the unit(spacious, big pool, nice door) but thinks the unit is too clean. hmm.. good point. n tried to read me by saying i didnt like it. the boy was right but i wanted his opinion, so he said at least he knows the person i'll be living with(n says this guy reminds him of donish, which rocks because i miss donish) and my room was big but the condo was far from my office. all valid points. now i'm torn. i like the condo, and the fact that this guy i'll be living with reminds us of donish, but i dont like the small window in my room. hate that window. so i cant decide yet. i guess i'll still be on the look-out for other rooms. but this room is number 1 on my list, because that's all i have right now.

condo pics by the way, tell me what you think

Thursday, June 08, 2006

wanted: roommate/s

im moving. next month. im not really sure where. current contract will expire next month and i cannot possibly renew it on my own. thats right, ill be on my own. from living in a very comfortable and huge and homey 4-bedroom condo unit with friends, i am now forced to go solo. my roommates have decided to leave this ultra-modern and organized country. why you ask? because our job sucks. c-- is a crappy company and we're surrounded by really foul people and we're really just here for the money. if i was born rich and neil is not here, hell i'll leave too. but since im poor and n is here, i'll finish my 2-year contract with c--. anyway, one year down, one year to go baby. (so jao if you're reading this, im not a complete and total sellout. im also here for love hahaha)

did i already say im poor? i'll repeat, im poor. that means i cannot possibly get my own unit, what i need is to share a unit with other people. maybe share a unit with other people whom i don't really know. im scared. what if i dont get along with those people? what if they dont wash their dishes right away after eating or what if they hog the washing machine all weekend or what if they won't let me park my bike in the living room??? im telling all these fears a month ago to n and he suggested that i should calm down and ask friends first, maybe they have a vacant room i can rent. and that's what i did. a few weeks ago i sent an email to my friends and what did i get? nothing. one or two of them referred me to a room but those rooms did not pass my requirements. yes, of course i have requirements. what do you take me for? desperate? next month i'll be desperate. but this month i can still be picky. this is more or less what was in my email:

1. room should be spacious
2. unit should be in east coast area
3. condo should have an olympic size swimming pool
4. and since i sent it pinoy friends, that means i want pinoy roommates also.

a week ago i decided to drop requirement #2, as i still have zero options after that email. and you know what? i found one finally! ill be viewing the unit this saturday and i hope i will like it. n keeps on telling me i should keep my options open since this one is not really practical because a) the rent is almost twice as what im paying now, b) i will be farther away from the office and c) i dont really know the people i'll be living with. but im really not known to be a practical person and the first time i saw this condo(a year ago), i fell in love with it. so i defend it with the arguments that a) rents have really gone up this year and b) anywhere in singapore is not that far if you really think about it and c) i gave my future rommmate a call and he said i can park my bike in the living room so im sure he's a good person. i showed the condo pictures to beng, and she liked it right away so now im very very excited and wish it was saturday already.

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