Thursday, May 11, 2006

Watery blister on a retired mountaineer's toes

That's right. I got this yucky, watery, sometimes-painful blister on my little toe. Serves me right for wearing a threadbare worn-out old socks while breaking in my new hiking shoes. Hope it drains itself and heal before the climb.

I'm kind of in a panic mood these past few days. I haven't climbed in a year, and now that i think about it kota kinabalu seems pretty tough. I checked my workout plan - and it doesnt look good. My plan was 5x a week workout and this is what ive done during the last month:

Yoga - once a month
Biking - once a month
Jogging - once a week
Swimming - twice a week

Pathetic, I know. I have the endurance of a corpse. :( But i really am getting a bit worried now - my climbing buddies are like hard-core athletes. Let me introduce to you Team KK:

Climber #1
Name: Brian K.
a.ka.: The Runner
Activities: running, marathons, triathlons, football

Climber #2
Name: Wei-mun F.
a.ka.: The Swimmer
Activities: swimming, triathlons, wakeboarding

Climber #3
Name: Ayesha C.
a.ka.: The Yoga Master
Activities: yoga, tennis, jogging

Climber #4
Name: Lala P.
a.ka.: The Retired Mountaineer
Activities: cooking, biking(when i ran out of ingredients while cooking), swimming

Here's a Mt. Kota Kinabulu pic i got from wikipedia. Cool huh? :)

Name: Mt. Kota Kinabalu
Malay: Gunung Kinabalu
Height: 4,095.2 metres Low's peak
Location: Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia
Known as: highest mountain in South-East Asia

Anyway, I got some serious packing to do tonight since our flight to sabah is tomolo morning. Pray for a good weather for us, aight? :)


teacherbess said...

'ey LG as in LalaGurl!!! Haven't seen you in a while-miss ko na kayo! Thought I'd be seeing you this weekend, d din pala. Anyway, gud luck sa pag akyat ng bundok. Kayang kaya mo yan! Ingat ka!!!

shaui said...

I bet you're still in your best shape to climb that giant...Hindi kasama si Super Beng? Goodluck and take care :)

raz said...

Good luck, la. Kaya mo yan.. take care lang..

buti di mo pa nahihikayat si neil :D

tabel said...

Good luck! Post ka ng pic nyo pagdating mo sa tuktok!

Anonymous said...

May this story inspire you while you climb that mountain-

Goodluck with the climb!

lala said...

hehe salamat bess, shaui, raz, tabel at anonymous augs. :) salamat sa mga dasal, eto nakauwi namin kami ng matiwasay bagamat masakit ang katawan.

oo nga di kasama si super beng kaya siguro ako nanghina.

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