Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Me and my bike

That's a photo of my bike while we were taking a break from a saturday afternoon biking at Bedok Reservoir Park. As you can obviously see, my bike was bored. It didn't help that the park was full of families and friends and lovers jogging/biking/fishing/kissing/[insert here other activities]. Heck, I even envy those folks giving their dogs a walk - at least they have someone to talk to. Sometimes it gets pretty lonely doing something on your own, and I guess that day turned out to be one. I noticed I've been pretty much autistic in my activities here in sg. Jogging, swimming, biking, yoga - I am always on my own. And I can be a really boring company as my bike would have told you. Maybe what I'm driving at is I miss team sports. For one, I miss dragonboat. You know how intense the energy is around you before a race? The counting, the furious paddling while trying to be in sync with everyone, the stench of the bay, the much deserved breakfast after a hard training, haay everything. Even in diving/climbing I get to have a buddy. Maybe I should join a basketball or football or whatever to feel some good ol' team spirit. Or maybe I just need to buy an iPod. (ding!)

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Mt. Kota Kinabalu climb

The wind was howling, my wet gloved hands were already numb from the cold, my legs were begging me to rest and I was asking myself "why are you doing this to yourself again?". I was 4000 meters above ground, less than 100 meters more and I'll be on the highest peak of Mt. Kota Kinabalu but I was just so damn tired. Ayie - my climbing buddy was in front of me along with our mountain guide Hajirin when I stopped. I looked around and there it was - a vast expanse of rock granite peaks mostly covered with fog. It was so beautiful, like a scene from a sci-fi movie, but I didn't have the energy to take pictures :(. (damn heavy cameras) I was about to sit on the ground when Hajirin held out his hand to me and said "Come..". So much for my rest, I took his hand and we started the ascent again. After an eternity of crawling and wailing and gnashing of teeth, we finally made it to Low's peak at 4,092.5 meters! Bwaahaha! Top of Southeast Asia, baby! Yahooo!

The day before climbing the summit (Day 1)

Mt. KK has 2 trails - the old trail which starts at Timpohon gate and the longer, more challenging - Mesilau Trail. We decided to go for the Mesilau Trail going up (big mistake :)) The trail was mostly uphill, my backpack was so heavy, waah so tough lah. But it was interesting - along the trail - we found wild orchids, carnivorous pitcher plants, mushrooms, wild flowers, you name it. Aside from these plants, we also encountered cute mountain squirrels, green round birds, and the best one was a brown striped snake! :)

What's so cool (at least for me) about this trail is that every 500 meters or so, there is a toilet with a flush, a shelter and tadaa - a water faucet so you don't need to carry liters and liters of water. 500ml is enough. The best! (sana gawin din ito sa pinas)

After almost 9 hours of climbing(told you we were slow), we finally reached Laban Rata Resthouse(3,273m above sea level). Temperature was already 9.6c outside so it was heaven to finally reach our room. Dinner was superb, though I was the only one who seemed to like it(im happy as long as it's hot and filling). We had a room for ourselves, and it even had a heater. It was a nice good sleep especially after a hot shower. Around 2am, our alarm clock went off but we noticed it was raining outside. Hajirin told us if the rain continues, we might not be allowed to try the summit. But it did stop after a while(salamat talaga), so after a coffee and some toasted bread we started the tough journey up. Fog was everywhere thus no sunrise to experience, but we still reached the summit and I guess sunrise is just one more reason along with many others to come back. :)

More photos of the climb: Mt. KK climb pics

Our sidetrip pics:
Manukan & Sapi Islands
Exploring KK Town & Kiulu river rafting

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Coldplay for one night only!

Yiiiha! :) Coldplay is coming to Singapore on July 10th! I tell you, their tickets are selling like hotcakes so we bought ours today. I'm pretty sure it will be soldout in a few days so better book NOW(they started selling yesterday and now most of the seats are already sold).

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Watery blister on a retired mountaineer's toes

That's right. I got this yucky, watery, sometimes-painful blister on my little toe. Serves me right for wearing a threadbare worn-out old socks while breaking in my new hiking shoes. Hope it drains itself and heal before the climb.

I'm kind of in a panic mood these past few days. I haven't climbed in a year, and now that i think about it kota kinabalu seems pretty tough. I checked my workout plan - and it doesnt look good. My plan was 5x a week workout and this is what ive done during the last month:

Yoga - once a month
Biking - once a month
Jogging - once a week
Swimming - twice a week

Pathetic, I know. I have the endurance of a corpse. :( But i really am getting a bit worried now - my climbing buddies are like hard-core athletes. Let me introduce to you Team KK:

Climber #1
Name: Brian K.
a.ka.: The Runner
Activities: running, marathons, triathlons, football

Climber #2
Name: Wei-mun F.
a.ka.: The Swimmer
Activities: swimming, triathlons, wakeboarding

Climber #3
Name: Ayesha C.
a.ka.: The Yoga Master
Activities: yoga, tennis, jogging

Climber #4
Name: Lala P.
a.ka.: The Retired Mountaineer
Activities: cooking, biking(when i ran out of ingredients while cooking), swimming

Here's a Mt. Kota Kinabulu pic i got from wikipedia. Cool huh? :)

Name: Mt. Kota Kinabalu
Malay: Gunung Kinabalu
Height: 4,095.2 metres Low's peak
Location: Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia
Known as: highest mountain in South-East Asia

Anyway, I got some serious packing to do tonight since our flight to sabah is tomolo morning. Pray for a good weather for us, aight? :)

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Quieng kids

sila ang mga cute na kids ni pareng jepoy: ang inaanak kong si enteng na ayaw ngumiti sa camera at si sheryl rose na bungisngis sobra.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Acer Service rocks!

My laptop is back :) with a spanking new motherboard. Acer delivered it to my office yesterday, as they have promised to fix it within 3 working days. It even came with a cool pink bubblewrap bag. Sweet!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Makalipas ang isang taon...

Yan ang kuha namin ni Beng sa ahon ng Mt. Guiting-Guiting nung nakaraang taon. Nakuha pa naming ngumiti pero sa totoo lang ito ang pinaka-challenging na bundok na naakyat namin. Nakakadala talaga:

Una - ang layo ng Sibuyan Island! 24 hours papuntang jump-off (3 boat rides, 1 tricycle).
Pangalawa - bukod sa mabigat na ang backpack namin dahil sa mga camping equipments ay nagbuhat pa kami ng tig-6 na litro ng tubig paakyat ng bundok.
Pangatlo - ang ibig sabihin ng Guiting ay "saw-tooth". Kaya pala. Dito bumigay ang Salomon ko.

Sobra nga yata kaming nadala kaya di na kami ulit nakaakyat ng bundok pagkatapos ng Guiting. (Pero nag enjoy kami sa guiting ha. Nag sidetrip pa kami sa bora - another 13 hours na byahe nga lang. At sumunod pa si augs - meeting place namin sa d'mall :) ) Pero siguro ang totoong rason e wala naman kaseng bundok dito sa gapor. Kaya eto long weekend pero nasa bahay lang kami.

Naalala ko lang ang Guiting kase sa wakas makakaakyat na ulit ako ng bundok! :) Kanina buong araw halos kami naghahanap ni N ng hiking shoes. Una sa Queen's Way - wala masyado. Kung meron man, bukod sa di ko gusto ang style, wala pang size ko. Sumunod naming puntahan - Suntec pero wala rin akong napili. Bihira ang nagbebenta ng hiking shoes dito, naisip namin wala nga kasing bundok dito e. Yung Salomon pala ay na pull-out na dito, sa pinas din daw. Bakit kaya?? Sa Tampines kami nakahanap sa wakas, Vasque ang brand. Libre ni N :) Birthday gift nya daw. Haha ito na yata ang pinakamaagang birthday gift na natanggap ko.

Kota, eto na kami! :)

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