Monday, April 03, 2006


It was around 2am when the power went out. At first, I was confused - a brownout in Singapore? We figured maybe it would just be for a few minutes. And besides, our condo should have a generator, right? Wrong! It turned out to be a very sweaty, sticky, humid night. By 10 am the next day, we still don't have power. I was getting a bit worried by then, so I called up Joey to ask how are they doing with the brownout and all. And the answer I got was "What brownout?". So I marched to the guards room to check what could possibly be wrong. I'm sure we paid our last month's SP bill so its not possible they stopped their services. I was expecting to see sweaty folks like me complaining to the guards but when I got there - it was just me. Haay turned out our unit is the only one with the power problem. He asked me for my unit number, and after 5 minutes - everthing was back to normal :) Lights, aircon, mabuhay! The guard said it was a power trip - we probably have some faulty appliance thats why. If it happens again they'll check all our appliances to see who's the culprit. For now, I can finally cook some rice and catch up some sleep with aircon set on full blast. :)

Lessons Learnt:
Brownout? Here? Impossible.

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