Thursday, April 27, 2006

Acer sucks!

Geesh. Less than 3 months old and now its dead. Last monday, the stupid thing just died on me. First, the monitor started blinking like crazy and wont turn off. So I released the battery to restart, but after pushing it back in, it won't turn on. Even with the A/C cord plugged in, it still won't boot. I tried to hold the button for 1 minute and nothing. Well, not really nothing because power LED is lighting up and I can hear the soft whirring of the fan but that's all. No boot, no hard drive spin noise, no screen, nothing. :(

Argh. Acer! Give me back my money! And to think I just finished paying this piece of junk.

Anyway, we'll bring this duo core shit to the service center this saturday. Their service center by the way is in the OTHER side of Singapore (20 mrt stations away from where I live). I love Acer.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your Acer laptop. Here are some suggested laptops. They're quite pricey but they are reliable:


Toshiba's not bad, apart from its mega-weight.

Goodluck with Acer's service.

xieurx said...

singit ba ito ng laptops??? :))


hehe. glad ur laptop's back.

lala said...

haha loyal! pero 3 months delayed na ang mga ads nyo hehe

oo nga miss ko na laptop. eto daria marathon na ko :)

elbimbo said...

Langya. bili pa naman ako ng acer. dna nga lang...

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