Thursday, April 27, 2006

Acer sucks!

Geesh. Less than 3 months old and now its dead. Last monday, the stupid thing just died on me. First, the monitor started blinking like crazy and wont turn off. So I released the battery to restart, but after pushing it back in, it won't turn on. Even with the A/C cord plugged in, it still won't boot. I tried to hold the button for 1 minute and nothing. Well, not really nothing because power LED is lighting up and I can hear the soft whirring of the fan but that's all. No boot, no hard drive spin noise, no screen, nothing. :(

Argh. Acer! Give me back my money! And to think I just finished paying this piece of junk.

Anyway, we'll bring this duo core shit to the service center this saturday. Their service center by the way is in the OTHER side of Singapore (20 mrt stations away from where I live). I love Acer.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Joey and son

Joey and Nate at Mcritchie Reservoir last easter sunday. Gwapo ni joey di ba? At si nate nakangiti pa. This was taken before we were drenched by a thunderstorm in the middle of the park with no shelter in sight. Sabi nga ni Nate "This is the most terrible adventure ever!" hehe. More pics and stories later.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Pass me the dictionary, will ya?

It was a sunny saturday afternoon, perfect for any outdoor activity - and we were all stuck in the house. Our unit's aircons were scheduled for servicing during the morning but the cleaners arrived after lunch. Gedemit, they almost ruined our plans for the day. Beng and I were planning to go church-hopping(Bisita Iglesia) and then check out the McRitchie Reservoir for some photo ops. Anet and Miko's friend Lani from Accenture is here for the holy week and today they plan to give her the Sentosa Island tour.

To kill some time till the cleaners are done, Beng, Lani and I played some board/word games. We started with scrabble - I ALWAYS lose to Beng in this game but not today. Bwahaha! Thanks to the letter 'X' plus the double-word and triple-letter score. :) Next game was Word Factory. After giving the container a good shake and flipping the timer, Lani immediately covered her paper(?!). She says she's just competitive but I think she's afraid we'll copy her answers hehe. After the time is up and we're about to read our list, we couldn't believe how many words Lani managed to find. She scored 20+ points while we got a measly 6/7 points. A few more shakes and the cleaners finally finished their job. As obviously seen from the pictures, Lani was such a camera-whore so we had some shots taken before leaving the house.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Changi Court

Ha! :) Finally, I can use my camera. I decided to get a 17-85mm canon lens 2 weekends ago, the manual says "Ideal lens for trips, being not only light and compact, but also serving almost all shooting needs from wide-angle scenics to medium telephoto portraits and action photography". The light and compact I dont totally agree because IT IS quite heavy - 30d body plus this lens can tire your arms easily. I guess I'll just have to get used to it. Anyway, now that I got the lens, where should I start taking pictures? N and Beng keep covering their faces everytime I point the camera in their direction. Damot.

So I stepped out of our unit and started shooting anything. Our condo is quite old but has a homey feel into it which is why we decided to rent in the first place.

From left to right: (1)a lone horse I found in an empty playground, (2)money plant in my room, (3)birds-of-paradise outside my window, (4)swimming lessons for kids, (5)electric meters, (6)a pathway near our unit - the second window is my room, (7)santan flowers, (8)white spider flowers, (9)shadows in the playground

Monday, April 03, 2006


It was around 2am when the power went out. At first, I was confused - a brownout in Singapore? We figured maybe it would just be for a few minutes. And besides, our condo should have a generator, right? Wrong! It turned out to be a very sweaty, sticky, humid night. By 10 am the next day, we still don't have power. I was getting a bit worried by then, so I called up Joey to ask how are they doing with the brownout and all. And the answer I got was "What brownout?". So I marched to the guards room to check what could possibly be wrong. I'm sure we paid our last month's SP bill so its not possible they stopped their services. I was expecting to see sweaty folks like me complaining to the guards but when I got there - it was just me. Haay turned out our unit is the only one with the power problem. He asked me for my unit number, and after 5 minutes - everthing was back to normal :) Lights, aircon, mabuhay! The guard said it was a power trip - we probably have some faulty appliance thats why. If it happens again they'll check all our appliances to see who's the culprit. For now, I can finally cook some rice and catch up some sleep with aircon set on full blast. :)

Lessons Learnt:
Brownout? Here? Impossible.

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