Friday, February 18, 2005

Living on a digital world

Truth: Im the only person I know who still uses a traditional film camera. Seriously. All my friends have switched to digital cameras already. And I dont blame them. Digital is so convenient: no need to buy films, no need to have them developed and printed, and the best reason(for me) - you get to preview your photos right away on the camera.

Right now, Im using a Nikon FM10 35mm SLR camera. Its a hand-me-down from my sister's photography subject in college. Lately, I noticed that I spend at least 350 pesos to process a roll of film. That's a huge chunk from my budget since I normally use 1-3 rolls of film for a weekend activity(climb,race,etc).

Anyway, for my latest 3 rolls of film, I decided to have them recorded into cd for 85 pesos per film at Fujifilm. I had to D.O.(develop only) the films first for 45 pesos each. That's still way too cheap. When I got the cd, I was very happy with the quality of the images - average image size is from 500k-1000k.

Here are the links of my photos:
(I reduced the size of these images to 100k but they still look ok)

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta
Chinese New Year sa Ongpin
Chinese New Year Dragon Boat Marathon

Maybe this weekend, I can dig up my old negatives and have them digitized. :)

Fuji Image Service is in Glorietta 2, inside the Gift Gate Shop. You need to bring your own cd.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

wasting time

its 4:30am and ofcourse im still awake. today is day 3 of my graveyard shift assignment, and i feel im finally getting the hang of the life of a zombie. i even brought a sleeping bag but surprisingly i havent dozed off. yet.

i have a technical interview later at c. - so far ive taken their personality exam, computer's aptitude exam, hr interview and PM interview. i feel like a goddamn fresh grad. how many more of these do i have to take before i get an offer? anyway, the more i go to c.(later will be my 4th), the more im convinced that i wouldnt want to work there. trivial as it may seem, i dont want to go back to wearing business clothes again. everything about c. is formal and im anything but that. so why bother to show up? i dont know. maybe im just wasting time.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Chinese New Year Dragon Boat Marathon

Di kami kasali sa karera. Men's crew lang ang nakasali. Kulang kse ang babae ng PYROS, di nmin kayang mapuno ang isang boat. Kaya habang ang mga lalake ay sumakay na para sa first at second heat, nagtayo na lang ng recruitment booth ang mga girls - namigay na lang ng
flyers at nagpa fill-up ng registration form. Marami nman palang interesado sa dragon boat, sana seryoso ang mga ito.

Eto yung flyer na gawa ni donish:


At ang ilan sa mga pictures nung race:

ang gantimpala

si may, toti at paul

ang team PYROS

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Left behind

Yep, the boats left without me. I woke up 5:15am on a rainy morning so I can watch(from afar) my teammates row. Then, to add insult to injury, I arrived in the office with mud splatters all over my white pants(it used to be khaki but its white now). I just spent 30 glorious minutes washing off the mud and drying it out while chatting with every girl who enters the CR.

So here I am with my still warm pants, yawning every 5 minutes..

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

9th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta
OMNI Aviation Complex, Clarkfield, Pampanga


nice landing

sky dive




Thursday, February 10, 2005

Streets of red

Where in the world did we get our adventurous selves into this morning? 5 clues:

1. People everywhere dressed in red(including us)
2. People with dried cross-shaped ashes in their foreheads
3. colorful dragons and lions dancing in the beat of the drums and cymbals
4. air filled with smoke from firecrackers
5. tikoy literally on every corner

Okay the tikoy was a dead giveaway. Todays the Chinese New Year day/Ash Wednesday, and Beng and I wandered the festive streets of Binondo/Manila's Chinatown.

The lion dance was no doubt the main attraction for us - we followed the dancers as they perform their dance(i suppose the dance is to bring luck and ward off evil spirits) on some of the stores. A lion can be made up of 2 dancers - one controls the head, the other the tail but we saw a few lion(or maybe a dragon? or a sea snake?) that can have as many as 10-20 dancers. After a dance, the store would sometimes throw candies and coins to the crowd - I got a chocnut bar and a 10 peso coin, Beng got 7 bucks. I feel lucky already :)


Thursday, February 03, 2005

I love my job (repeat 100x)

I went to S. today for an hr interview.

I suck at interviews so I wasnt really excited about it. But I wasnt nervous either. I was even wearing rubber shoes haha. Anyway, they called me up for an interview last week but I didnt submit my resume to them - so it didnt matter that much whether I get an offer or not(yeah yeah that's what I try to convince myself).

It started ok(I think) because the hr asked about my hobbies and interests. Boy! I could have talked about those for hours. I guess thats a good technique, to make the applicant a little comfortable(if thats possible).

So a hundred questions later, she asked me what my expected salary was. So I told her. And then this was her next question:

"How do you feel about paycut? What if a company offers you very promising projects wherein you'll get to play with new technology but they'll give you 20% less than what you're getting now?"

Was this a trick question? Ill never know. Without hesitation, I gave her a big NO. I told her I can get another job that can give me good projects AND a higher pay.

I wouldnt settle for that.
Thats why I still dont have a bike (its disc brakes or nothing)
And thats why I still dont have a boyfriend (asus! i-relate ba?)
And why I wont quit this damn job til I get an offer that I want.

So that's that.

"I've tried and failed. The lesson here is, never try again." - Homer Simpson

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Up, Up and Away

Hooohooo! 10 days to go and we're off to clark, pampanga for the 9th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta :) I was there with friends 5 years ago and until now I regret not bringing a camera. We felt like kids with the BIG, colorful balloons everywhere (okay okay maybe there were about 10-15 balloons but it felt like so many at that time). Anyway, here's the poster:

We'll go on the 2nd fiesta day because that's the night of the Hot Air balloon night Glow. Weeee! Cant wait :)

Here's their website:
and the schedule details:

Ticket is P100.00 per person.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Oh Romeo

"These violent delights have violent ends . . ."

Last friday night, I found myself in Gbelt 1 Cinema with friends waiting to see the play Oh Romeo to start. Its supposed to be a spoof of the Romeo and Juliet tragedy. The story revolved on what ifs. What if the lovers didnt commit suicide? What if they got married and had kids? What then? Me - I cant resist a plot full of love, murder and betrayal. I watched it because I wanted to be entertained and thats what I got. Some parts I found funny, some puns I didnt get(the reason is obvious, I havent read the book). And that's one thing the play made me brood on, maybe I should give my fantasy books a rest for a while and start reading Shakespeare. Maybe its never too late to educate myself.

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