Sunday, January 30, 2005

Root Canal Nightmare

Reasons why I think I have high pain tolerance:

1. I wear braces. For years. I sit with my mouth open for hours, while a dentist tinkers with my teeth.
2. I go to derma. They prick my pimples. :(
3. I suffer from dysmenorrhea every single month.

As I wait for my parents to come and get me, Ive come to realize these reasons could not prepare me for the root canal and surgery Ive received just now. The procedure took only about an hour - but within that time the dentist managed to drill a tooth(front tooth), incise my gums then stitch them back. I look like the bloody frankenstein monster with these black stitches.

What a way to start the weekend...

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Lucena to Sta Cruz Cross-Country Biking

January 23, 2004

I havent gone biking for months so when I got this text from Arth:

"Hi! Im organizing a bike ride for lucena to sta. cruz, laguna via lucban and tayabas on sunday. Lunch at Majayjay package tour. Sinong mabangis ang gustong sumama?"

I decided I wanted go. Doesnt really matter that I dont have a bike hehe. Jao's bike is ALWAYS available - pambili lang daw nila ng pandesal yun. (Ive got bike parts actually, been trying to assemble a bike since July last year. I already have a frame, a fork, a seat post, a wheel set, I now only need a group set. Maarte lang ako kse I want disc brakes so I still need to shell out at least 7k to put it all together.)

Anyway, after I borrowed Jao's bike, I asked Arth if it would be an easy bike ride. Madali lang daw, maganda pa ang view kaya Go na talaga ko.

Assembly time was 4am at 711 buendia. Woke up at 3:10, I was supposed to pickup Arth by 3:30 somewhere in Cavite so I was kinda guilty because I was 45 minutes late. Tsk tsk. I have to stop this being always late attitude. We got at buendia around 4:40 and we're the last ones to arrive - Judith, Rory, Tops and May were already there.

We reached Lucena around 730 and started biking for Tayabas. The weather was very nice, the cool breeze blowing on my face was just starting to stir me up when Arth fell from his bike. Turned out he and Tops collided, and whats more Rory didnt see the fall so he ran over Arth's wheel. Hehe 5 minutes of biking and we already had an accident. No injury except for Arth's new disc brake - we had it repaired in an Iron Works shop that we passed by. We stopped at Tayabas around 8:30 for a much needed breakfast.

The road from Tayabas to Lucban was another matter. Couldnt believe it could be that hard - the road just kept on going up up up. Sinungaling to si Arth, madali daw hmp. We reached Lucban around 10:00, 5-6 km more to go until Majayjay Falls. Yun pala 5-6 km uphill pa rin but the view was amazing - the Almighty Mt. Banahaw on our left and green ricefields everywhere else.

The way to the falls was downhill with sharp curves, it was really scary so I tried to be very slow and careful, haha maybe I was too careful that's why my bike slipped - I didnt notice that I was biking in the mossy part of the road. Not a major fall though, no scratch or bruise or anything... salamat nman :)

12:30 and we arrived at Majayjay Falls, had a quick lunch then dipped into its ice COLD water. Arth was just about to swim when I saw him rushed into the water, apparently a woman was drowning and Hero Arth saved her. Really cool to have Arth around :)

Around 2:30, we returned to our bikes and headed down to Sta. Cruz. The people we passed by were very friendly, some were even cheering and waving especially the kids. It was like they were not used in seeing women bikers.

We made it by 5:00 at the bus station in Sta. Cruz, just in time for the last trip to buendia. We didnt even have time to change our clothes so we made the farthest seats of the bus as our fitting room.

Next time Arth invites me for a FUN bike ride, di na ko maniniwala. Iba talaga ang concept ni Arth ng fun, but I'll still be there.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Mt. Pulag Climb

January 7-8, 2005

After almost 2 years mula ng umalis si trix para mag migrate sa canada e umuwi rin sha last december. Akyat daw kmi ng pulag, ambangeg trail lang - yung easy trail. 13 ang nag-oo na sasama sa enterworks. A week before ng climb, 6 ang nag backout:

Si Don may vertigo daw.
Si Augs sumasakit ang likod dahil sa scolio... hmm...
Si Joey di na rin, di kse pwede si Bess
Si Boyet dadating daw ang family mula sa Cebu
Si Shawie nawalan ng pera, shempre pati si papa leo di na rin sasama

The night before ng climb, dineclare na state of calamity sa baguio dahil sa meningococcemia, 28 na daw ang namamatay. Pero go na go na kmi, naka ready na ang lahat kaya GO na rin. Bili na lang kmi surgical mask at madaming vitamins. Si anetski nagbackout na rin dahil may ubo sha. And then there were six...(kaming 6 yung nasa ambuklao dam picture - beng, sym, cath, chel, ako at bok)

Meet nmin sina trix sa Victory Liner Cubao, Ksma nya mga CIS friends - sina robin, francis, joann, jojo etc (12 sila). 4am kmi dumating sa baguio, normal nman, mahihiya kang magmask. First stop nmin ambukalo dam -

sa ambuklao dam Posted by Hello

tapos breakfast sa jangjang eatery bago kami dumiretso sa denr at ranger station.

3 hours yata kmi nagtrek mula ranger hanggang campsite. super lamig, sa tent na kmi nagdinner. masarap ang adobong manok ni anet. yummy!

ksama ko sa tent si chel at cath. di kmi makatulog ni chel sa lamig kaya nag socials na lang kmi. haha di pala kelangan ng alak para magkwento si chel :)

only tree sa grassland Posted by Hello

3am ang wake up call para maabutan nmin ang sunrise sa summit. pagdating nmin sa taas - sobrang foggy, wala kming nakitang sunrise :(

Mt. Pulog at 9610ft ang 3rd highest mountain ng pinas.

sa pine trees Posted by Hello

1230am January 9, back to manila na kmi.

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