Thursday, December 15, 2005

Nandito na sila :)

Limang buwan ko na silang di nakikita, sa wakas nandito na sila. Ang saya-saya! Maagang pamasko na sa kin to :)

Si tatay at ang malaking tiger

Si jay at ang nasusunog nyang buhok

Si bonch at jay

Si bonch, jay at nanay

Kumpleto kami kasama ang mga zebra

Sa may Esplanade

birthday ni nanay

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Southeast Asia Trip

Some photos from our 9-day trip

We started our trip at Genting highlands. If you're into themeparks and casinos, maybe you'll like this place but as for me - I say skip this tourist-infested part of Malaysia. The weather was very cool up there though which was kinda nice :).

Our next stop was Kuala Lumpur - home of the ultramodern, world's highest building, awe-inspiring steel and glass Petronas Twin Towers. Lesson Number 1: Petronas is close on Mondays :(. Well, now we know.

Then we headed to Bangkok - our jumpoff point to Cambodia. Jack treated us to a yummy Thai Suki dinner. Travel time from Bangkok to Siem Reap took us 11.5 hours (via bus and taxi).

This is the legendary ruins of Angkor Wat - its size and architecture is overwhelming. I can't recall how many times I said 'Wow!' during our visits(we visited the temple twice).

The giant stone faces of Bayon in Angkor Thom - 216 of these giant faces of Avalokitesvara watch over the temple of Bayon.

The intricate carvings of Banteay Srey 'The Citadel of Women'

Massive tree-in-temple at Ta Phrom.

It was another exhausting, bladder-bursting twelve-hour ride for us from Siem Reap to Bangkok. We rewarded ourselves on our last day by shopping at Chatuchak weekend market :)

More photos at

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Grey Owl For Sale

yan ang bago kong oar. grey owl 46" performance paddle. nabili ko sya mga 2 weekends ago. ang tagal-tagal ko ng gustong makabili nito sa pinas pero palaging di pasok sa budget. ngayon nakabili na ko pero ang tanong, magagamit ko kaya? sa ngayon nakasandal lang sya sa isang sulok ng kwarto ko. haay nakakalungkot.

last weekend kase may dragonboat race na ginanap sa bedok reservoir. lumahok ang PYROS, yung team ko sa pinas. tapos kasali rin yung SPC, yung team ko dito sa sing. medyo matagal kong pinag-isipan at sa huli nagdecide na lang ako na di na lang sumali - manonood na lang ako para di maipit sa 2 team.

pero wala rin - sabi ko na nga ba e. naipit din ako. mahabang kwento - basta na disqualify yung spc dahil nagreklamo ang pyros. may katwiran naman ang pyros - kumarera kse yung isang paddler ng spc kahit organizer sya. pero naiintindihan ko rin kse yung paddler na yun - gusto lang nman nya magrow. haay parang ako, gusto ko lang magrow.

pwede pa naman ako magtraining kasama ang spc - pero dyahe na e, alam ko masama loob nila sa pyros. nasipa sila sa sarili nilang bansa - sa isang event na kasama silang nag organize. kung ginawa yan sa pyros, naku ang laking gulo.

kaya ngayon wala na kong team. etong bago ko ngang oar inaalikabok na.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Sana nag black shirt ako

Sana talaga. Yun ang una kong naisip pagdating ko sa World Trade Center nung sabado. Nakapila na ang brother ko papasok sa entrance at syempre - naka black din sya kagaya ng halos lahat ng tao dun. Wala lang, isang kababawan pero mas feel ko na rocker ako pag naka itim din ako. Hehe. Concert nga pala yun ng Juan dela Cruz band na sumikat nung dekada 70, reunion ito nina Joey “Pepe” Smith, Wally Gonzalez at Mike Hanopol.

Inumpisahan nila sa kantang "Maskara". Intro lang, bitin nga e. Tapos ayun, binirahan na ng "Kahit na anong mangyari", "Beep beep", "Palengke", "Balong Malalim" at marami pang iba. Ang brother ko ayun, tuwang-tuwa. Tumatalon, sumasabay sa kanta, humihiyaw.

Syempre di matatapos ang gabi ng di nila tinutugtog ang national anthem na ng pinoy rock na "Ang Himig Natin". Ang kakanta sana ay mga guest performers nila tulad ni Lord ng Radioactive Sago Project, Hannah ng Session Road at iba pa pero lahat ng tao ang tinatawag ay si Pepe. Kaya ayun pinagbigyan din nya, hanep nakakakilabot nga e. Tinapos nila sa kantang "Ang Pagkalas" - sinulat yata ito talaga para sa concert.

"kahit na ano pang gawin, ibalot pa, iluto, iprito - rock en roll pa rin yan" - Joey Pepe Smith

June 12
Pag nga naman sinuswerte...
Naglalakad lang kami ng sister ko palabas ng mall, nang marinig namin na may tumutugtog na banda. Tunog Eheads - "Magasin" pa nga ang tinutugtog nila e. Hmmm could it be? Eheads the reunion? Hehe sa SM Bacoor?! Pag kita ko si Ely nga! The Mongols pala. Ang galing, nakakamiss tuloy ang Eheads. Sayang kase last song na agad, tinugtog nila ang "Alapaap" - one for the road para daw sa kalayaan.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

"Ang Init!" Outing

If you really think about it, I wasnt late. I was right on time. I arrived at 6:30am, the ferry left at 6:30am. Talk about perfect timing :)

It was my company's summer outing and this year, we've decided to have it on Montemar Beach Club in Bataan. From the CCP docking area, it takes an hour by ferry to reach the port of Orion. After the cheers finally died down (everyone was glad i made it hehe kapal. well im sure my friends were relieved to see me), my next problem was finding a vacant seat. Don, being the gentleman that he is, gave up his seat. (mwa!) After watching two back-to-back Dora shows (where the kids onboard repeated whatever Dora says - I was very tempted to join in), we arrived in Orion.

A bus was already waiting to take us to the resort. From the bus, Mt. Samat is distinguishable because of the giant cross in its peak. To pass the time, we made our own theories on what the cross represents. Don said the cross is part of a church, the rest of the church though was buried in the mountain. I said maybe it is not a mountain after all - maybe it is a tomb for the thousands of men who died during the Bataan Death March during WWII. Raz said a religious order built that cross or something.

Turned out the cross on the summit of Mt. Samat is a monument in honor of those who died during World War II. It is a 311-foot cross called the "Dambana ng Kagitingan" (Shrine of Valor) that stretches like a huge hand across the skies. (

45 minutes later, we finally reached the resort. While most of the menfolk checked out the basketball court, our barkada headed straight to the beach. The beach was a nice stretch of gray sand, and after the usual ritual of putting on sunblock on each other's back, we dived on the amazingly calm waters of Montemar.

The rest of the day flew by after that, we tried to play frisbee but the sand was too hot. (my team lost 3-1). Then we tried our hands on some 3 on 3 basketball, where we lost 5-1. And just for the heck of it(because the ropes were there), we played tug-of-war where my team lost 2-1. Hehe boy, was I in top losing form! After that, even I wouldnt want me for a teammate.

Next thing I knew, it was time to leave already. Im glad the outing turned out to be one of those days - fun, laid-back and felt like it ended way too soon.

Thursday, April 07, 2005


We were hanging out in Rizal Beach - our first night in Sorsogon, when we heard from locals that whalesharks doesnt come out when its full moon. Perfect! Grrr. We just got from a brutal 14-hour drive to see the whalesharks and now this?

The next day, full moon or no full moon, we were still set on going to Donsol. Its a 66km-drive from Sorsogon City and by 7am, we're already having coffee while waiting for our guide to take us to our boat. The going rate for a boat is P2500 (good for 7 people), and each has to pay P300 for registration. But since we went on a Holy Week, boats are hard to come by - fortunately jao has connections in donsol. 2 days before we drove to bicol, we already had a boat - colorum nga lang hehe. Downside of colorum is that we have to bring our own lifevest and snorkel set.

5 minutes after our boat left the shore, our spotter was already shouting "Meron.. meron!!". weeee! A moment later, slowly emerging on the waters was the dorsal fin of our first butanding. It was a baby whaleshark, smaller than our boat. It stayed with us for less than a minute but it was so close to our boat that we can actually touch it. (touching is not allowed though because we might frighten it)

3 whaleshark sightings later, we were eager to swim with them already. Lesson one: never hesitate, when the spotter says "Jump!" - just jump. Or you'll end looking at nothing. Some of the whalesharks we encountered were fast swimmers - you can only make out the tail or the spots and then theyre gone. But thank god, some were like oblivious of us ogglers. They just swim near the surface of the water, taking their sweet time. They're the best encounters really - you can swim right next to them for quite a while.

All in all, we encountered 10 whalesharks(some were as big as a bus!). Which is not bad, considering the weather(cloudy with some rain showers) and the full moon(which doesnt seem to affect them, promise).

The whale shark is the largest fish in the world. Its size ranges from 12-20 meters. Despite its size and name, its very harmless and friendly. Aside from Ningaloo reef in Australia, Donsol is the only place in the world where you can count on seeing them(during summer that is). And by the way, I read somewhere that full moon(more or less) is the best time to see the whalesharks haha.

got the definition of colorum from a pinoy slang dictionary:
colorum. Tawag sa pampasaherong dyip, bus o taksi na hindi lisenyado o rehistrado

Monday, April 04, 2005

Aunt of Three

Its now official - in 3 months time i'll have a niece! weeeee! My sister just had her ultra-sound last weekend, and from the photos of it, looks like our baby is very healthy and normal.

In other news, pope john paul II died yesterday. I saw him once, during the world youth day in 95 and he was really something - people cry at the sight of him.

I once read that during the late 70's, Marcos invited the pope to visit the philippines. The pope refused - saying he would not visit a dictator. Years later, when the Martial Law was supposedly lifted - the pope finally came. During the visit, right there in the Malacanang Palace, the pope lectured Marcos on the subject of human rights. For that alone, thank you pope.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Baby Johnzen

My nephew's feet. At 6 months, he laughs a lot, baby talks, can do close-open and stand up if you hold his hand. These days, he's the reason why Im always late for work.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

A Wedding

I used to hate weddings. Attending weddings that is.

- I have to dress up,
- and because im in a dress, my dad has to drop me off at the church and pick me up later. Super hassle. My fault really because until now I still dont have a driver's license. tsk tsk
- hate wearing a dress
- HATE the single ladies game

2 saturdays ago, I attended another wedding. The bride and groom were my batchmates from a mountaineering club. She became his girlfriend while climbing Mt. Guiting guiting, he proposed at the summit of Mt. Pulag.

Anyway, on this wedding I have a camera with me. and a tripod :). I wasnt able to get a close-up shot of the couple, too many cameras already in the altar. But I was able to get some nice shots way at the back of the church.

The wedding was held at the famous Las Pinas Bamboo Organ church. It was an old, lovely stone church. I loved the details - notice that the ceiling was made of bamboos.

more photos at

Saturday, March 19, 2005

boracay images

some photos from our last boracay trip (the rest i'll upload later at http:\\


lance & dondon

my parents






Friday, March 18, 2005

Sana sa Boracay ako nakatira

Top 10 kodak moments during our Boracay trip last weekend:

1. bravo - the devil dog of boracay. we were playing frisbee when a black dog approached us(kasalanan ni don). he was very cute, very playful pa nga.. until someone threw the frisbee. ayun nginatngat ang frisbee nmin. tsk tsk

2. chel, tabel and shawie getting so drunk on our first night.

3. shawie getting so drunk on our second night hehe

4. my parents having a hard time using the snorkel and mask during our island hopping. its their first time to snorkel so water kept on seeping inside their mask, in the end they just used their goggles. hehe ok na rin, ang mahalaga nakita nila yung school of fish near the crocodile island.

5. tabel's "stop fighting" shirt. hehe pero thats another story

6. firedance. 2 guys throwing and juggling fire. very hot!(para kay jao, crush nya yung flame thrower e)

7. boracay sun paddlers dragon boat team. jao and i were lucky to row with their men's team. astig sila, warm-up nila continous row from station 3 to station 1. guess who turned up while we were rowing? bravo the devil dog! notorious pala sha sa bora. lumalangoy sha habang nagro-row yung team, gusto nman yata ngatngatin yung mga oars nmin.

8. it also rains in bora. and it was a very gloomy sight. last night pa nman nmin. we decided to have our socials in our room's balkonahe. dun nila ako sinabihan ng saksakan ko daw ng arte. kse inaantok na ko at ayoko uminom. maarte na pala yun. hmp.

9. mountain biking around the island. we were supposed to bike until fairways and bluewaters resort, dun daw yung viewpoint ng isla. but we missed it, kaya we biked all the way pala to puka island hehe. uphill at rough road papunta dun kaya pauwi, we decided to hire tricycles.

10. bringing 2000 pesoses is not enough. not even close. ayun, nangutang tuloy ako sa tatay ko.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Lintek. Nahold-up na nman ako ng dentista ko. Sabi nya next week daw, tatanggalin na yung braces ko. Natuwa pa nman ako pero oo nga pala 5k ang retainers. Bukod pa dito, kelangan daw nya i-bleach ang isang ngipin ko for 1k - discolored na daw kse, eto rin yung ngipin na pina-root canal at surgery ko last month. Haay... next week pa ang payday pero ubos na agad ang sweldo ko.

Buti na lang boracay na bukas :) Wooohoooo!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

dragon boats sa docking area ng manila bay

I missed the training today. Again. These days, waking up at 4:30am feels so impossible. My alarm clock and my teammates' missed calls in the morning doesnt seem to work on me anymore. Its been more than a month since I last rowed and I miss everything about it - even the stench of the bay.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Adventure race, frisbee atbp

Racing Team daw
I swore that id retire from adventure racing. It was just too disappointing - last year i joined 3 races(enduro, north face and axn) and finished none. But when Arth asked me last sunday if I was interested to train for Utrek's racing team, it was hard to say no. Reason Number 1: I cant just turn down Arth, he was very supportive when I joined the previous races - he would lend me carabiners, harnesses and even bikes. Reason Number 2: Maybe this time if we train as early as now, we can finish a race at last. Added bonus -- equipments and race registration fee would be provided for by the club. Not bad.

Assembly time was 7pm at velasquez park, I was 20 minutes late but nobody was there yet. I jogged for a while and waited.. and waited. Arth and Bong finally showed up and that was it. We had 2 trainors and 1 racer haha. very inspiring. 2 more girls were interested but cant make it that night, all women's team pala kami. After I got the training sched, I rushed off to meet my officemates to play frisbee. Sana nman mas may future ito.

First time ko ito maglaro. Anet has been pushing me for months to try frisbee. Its just that beginner's night is every monday and I have SOLV CG on mondays. Swerte lang na walang SOLV this monday kaya free ako maglaro. Ayos nman, tinuruan kmi mag throw ng backhand at forehand. Bobo ako sa forehand. At naglaro agad, medyo confusing yung rules at hiningal ako. Obviously, di ako natural born frisbee player :)

After ng game, dinala nmin sa makati med si don. Muscle tear daw sa lower back, di kase nag stretch bago naglaro.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Living on a digital world

Truth: Im the only person I know who still uses a traditional film camera. Seriously. All my friends have switched to digital cameras already. And I dont blame them. Digital is so convenient: no need to buy films, no need to have them developed and printed, and the best reason(for me) - you get to preview your photos right away on the camera.

Right now, Im using a Nikon FM10 35mm SLR camera. Its a hand-me-down from my sister's photography subject in college. Lately, I noticed that I spend at least 350 pesos to process a roll of film. That's a huge chunk from my budget since I normally use 1-3 rolls of film for a weekend activity(climb,race,etc).

Anyway, for my latest 3 rolls of film, I decided to have them recorded into cd for 85 pesos per film at Fujifilm. I had to D.O.(develop only) the films first for 45 pesos each. That's still way too cheap. When I got the cd, I was very happy with the quality of the images - average image size is from 500k-1000k.

Here are the links of my photos:
(I reduced the size of these images to 100k but they still look ok)

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta
Chinese New Year sa Ongpin
Chinese New Year Dragon Boat Marathon

Maybe this weekend, I can dig up my old negatives and have them digitized. :)

Fuji Image Service is in Glorietta 2, inside the Gift Gate Shop. You need to bring your own cd.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

wasting time

its 4:30am and ofcourse im still awake. today is day 3 of my graveyard shift assignment, and i feel im finally getting the hang of the life of a zombie. i even brought a sleeping bag but surprisingly i havent dozed off. yet.

i have a technical interview later at c. - so far ive taken their personality exam, computer's aptitude exam, hr interview and PM interview. i feel like a goddamn fresh grad. how many more of these do i have to take before i get an offer? anyway, the more i go to c.(later will be my 4th), the more im convinced that i wouldnt want to work there. trivial as it may seem, i dont want to go back to wearing business clothes again. everything about c. is formal and im anything but that. so why bother to show up? i dont know. maybe im just wasting time.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Chinese New Year Dragon Boat Marathon

Di kami kasali sa karera. Men's crew lang ang nakasali. Kulang kse ang babae ng PYROS, di nmin kayang mapuno ang isang boat. Kaya habang ang mga lalake ay sumakay na para sa first at second heat, nagtayo na lang ng recruitment booth ang mga girls - namigay na lang ng
flyers at nagpa fill-up ng registration form. Marami nman palang interesado sa dragon boat, sana seryoso ang mga ito.

Eto yung flyer na gawa ni donish:


At ang ilan sa mga pictures nung race:

ang gantimpala

si may, toti at paul

ang team PYROS

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Left behind

Yep, the boats left without me. I woke up 5:15am on a rainy morning so I can watch(from afar) my teammates row. Then, to add insult to injury, I arrived in the office with mud splatters all over my white pants(it used to be khaki but its white now). I just spent 30 glorious minutes washing off the mud and drying it out while chatting with every girl who enters the CR.

So here I am with my still warm pants, yawning every 5 minutes..

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

9th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta
OMNI Aviation Complex, Clarkfield, Pampanga


nice landing

sky dive




Thursday, February 10, 2005

Streets of red

Where in the world did we get our adventurous selves into this morning? 5 clues:

1. People everywhere dressed in red(including us)
2. People with dried cross-shaped ashes in their foreheads
3. colorful dragons and lions dancing in the beat of the drums and cymbals
4. air filled with smoke from firecrackers
5. tikoy literally on every corner

Okay the tikoy was a dead giveaway. Todays the Chinese New Year day/Ash Wednesday, and Beng and I wandered the festive streets of Binondo/Manila's Chinatown.

The lion dance was no doubt the main attraction for us - we followed the dancers as they perform their dance(i suppose the dance is to bring luck and ward off evil spirits) on some of the stores. A lion can be made up of 2 dancers - one controls the head, the other the tail but we saw a few lion(or maybe a dragon? or a sea snake?) that can have as many as 10-20 dancers. After a dance, the store would sometimes throw candies and coins to the crowd - I got a chocnut bar and a 10 peso coin, Beng got 7 bucks. I feel lucky already :)


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