Thursday, September 30, 2004

The North Face Challenge

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We already picked out a name. We were gonna be Team Utrek Rowers. A week before the race, May caught the flu plus tonsilitis while we were on phuket. Huhu. There was no way she can recover and be fit to race in one week. I still wanted to join so maybe if I can just find a new teammate... hmmm i guess beng will do(peace beng!). Beng is like super beng! I talked her into it until she agreed. she had one problem though, she doesnt know how to bike. Big deal! For 4 consecutive days, we rented bikes in ccp until she was confident enough to race. Super beng talaga.

Joey gave us a ride to the race orientation in powerplant, so we named our team after him - Team Joey. There we met the other utrek teams - arth and bong, luv and tops. We got the race jerseys, bike plates and stickers. We were Team 087. Sym and george agreed to be our support crew.

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Race Day
Race Assembly place was at Timberland Heights. Free breakfast for the racers. We were given the race maps, and had our arms painted with our team number. Then before the race started, they asked us to remove the tires from one of our bikes. What the hell for? We had no idea how to remove those tires moreso put them back. A friend gave us a 2-minute crash course on how to just do that - just take out the brakes first before removing the tires. Easier said than done. Then all the racers were called on the starting line.

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Beginner's Bad Luck
No surprise to us, the first task was to put the tires back in the bike. And the marshalls said we cant ask anyone to help us - not even our support crew. While the other teams were already speeding away, there we were looking like incompetent fools. And to make it worse, a camera from Game Plan or some other tv show was taping us while we were struggling to put those damn tires. We were like the 2nd to the last team to finally get it together. One of us had to bike, the other had to run to the first CP - I biked. The way to CP1 was off-road uphill downhill. There my bike jammed or something - the gears wont move anymore, it stayed in a small gear which was too heavy for uphill. I had to walk the bike for every uphill, and beng was nowhere - she was long way ahead of me by now. A few more minutes and i found beng waiting in the dirt road for me, it wasnt so bad anymore because we now take turns with the bike.

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We finally reached CP1, and some racers were still resting there. The marshalls there were the best! Gave us yummy ice cold halo-halo. CP1-CP2-CP3 was a breeze, fun actually - trekking, river crossing and compass reading. Then for CP4 we got careless, we followed some teams and turned right instead of left going up a hill - we got lost for almost 2 hours before we decided to backtrack.

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One of us was tasked to do a tyrolean traverse in the wawa dam, beng gave it a shot. Several teams were still waiting for their turn, so we had a quick lunch provided by our very supportive support crew :). There - beng, sym and i recognized this guy R. from trix's travel pictures. We introduced ourselves and had our pictures taken so we can send them to trix.

We got at CP09 around 350 - 50 minutes after the cutoff. Kinda disappointing. I was supposed to do the next task - rapel from a waterfall. We can still continue with the race though, we'll just proceed to the the next CP.

It began raining. It was kind of nice, biking in the rain. But the road got slippery and beng fell from her bike while going downhill. She got a few bruises and I felt a little guilty, she only learned how to bike a week ago and this is like technical biking already.

An hour later, my brakes just quit on me - on a dirtroad downhill. It was a very scary feeling - not being able to control anything. I crashed on some bushes and got my knees scraped. The rain kept pouring but the blood kept on flowing for sometime. Wounded and tired, we rested for a while while other teams sped by. Tops and Luv came by and gave my bike a quick fix.

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Flat Tire
We finally got to CP14 - The Avilon Zoo and it was beginning to get dark. We were to bike straight to Marikina(2nd to the last CP) where we had to do some bouldering. Along the way, we met Arth and Bong. Arth's front tire was flat, the wheel wasnt even round anymore - more like oblong. Anyway, they still have a chance of getting ranked (unlike us, we were cutoffed earlier) so we decided to give Arth my bike. We called up our support crew and asked them to come get us.

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Team DNF
We didnt finish the race. But it wasnt so bad. I was proud of how far we've gone. And surprisingly - inspite of all the bruises and 5 dead toenails, I have enjoyed every minute of it. I was lucky to have a very cool teammate. Maybe thats all one need to survive a race - a strong will, a good bike(yeah yeah next time) and a friend for a teammate.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Koh Phi Phi

September 13-15, 2004

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Monday, September 13, 2004

The 17th Thailand International Swan Boat Races 2004

September 10-12, 2004
Bang Sai Royal Folk Arts And Crafts Centre,
Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province

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